Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

On 16 December 1946, the Natural Mathematical Department, which together with the Historical And Philological Department consisted of the Faculty of Philosophy, began the work of the first higher education institution in, then, the People’s Republic of Macedonia. Classes were performed in the departments of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and ethnology. It was the first faculty to start teaching Macedonian since World War II. The formation of the Faculty was of invaluable importance and necessity at the time, as the ideals for the establishment of a Macedonian academy of education were finally achieved. For the next 12 years, the Natural Mathematical Department was part of the Faculty of Philosophy.

These were the first beginnings, when the foundations of the development of natural, mathematical and social -humanities in the Republic of Macedonia were laid with great enthusiasm for the most successful professors from Macedonia, along with many prominent professors from Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. During this early period, a large number of future professors of the Faculty of Natural Mathematics were educated, who later became the main carriers of the educational and scientific activities of the Faculty. Although the material and spatial working conditions at the time were quite modest, thanks to the selfless advocacy and quality of the professors at the time, teaching did not lag behind countries with much older higher education traditions.

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